Everybody surfs the internet almost every day. I shouldn’t say ‘almost’. Everybody surfs the internet every single day, and not just once, we do it numerous times a day. And what keeps us going on the internet is what we keep seeing or reading there. These are all content of sorts.  So basically, the internet would be void if there were no content on it. Like obviously, if there wasn’t anything to read or see then why would anybody be here?


What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is just another form of marketing that comes under the niche of Digital Marketing. It could formally be named the technique of creating beneficial and pertinent content which helps a business attract and engage the targeted audience to get some customer action.  There are tonnes of websites and all of them have their own Content. It is what lets a website grasp the surfer’s attention and stand out from others. But what is different about this sort of marketing is that, it relies on the customer’s needs rather than creating demand for a new need. It is what the customer wants to see that a Content Marketer has to show.

It therefore requires a queer knowledge of customer behavior and needs. And since the process is happening online, SEO’s help Content Developers a lot in that respect. So to be a successful Content Developer one has to have some knowledge of the SEO’s.


The Different Forms of Content marketing:

Anything that adds value to the reader’s life is content. And so, there’s no one particular way of creating content. Content could be:

  • Blogs
  • Lists
  • Q&A or FAQs
  • Testimonials
  • Quotes
  • Case Studies
  • Product Review
  • Company News
  • Diagrams
  • Posters
  • Data Visuals
  • Memes
  • Messages
  • Emails
  • Courses

Anything that keeps the audience engaged , and shows them what they want to see forms a part of Content Marketing.


Why Content Marketing?

Andrew Davis says, “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue”. It is all explained in a simple sentence. Businesses constantly need to give their customers a reason for availing their products or services. And building Content that catches the attention of their customers can get them going. Some customers may like reading others like watching videos and some just scroll through images. Thus a marketer has to know what he should create to be efficient at marketing.   There is a lot that needs to be learnt before going on to become a Successful Content Marketer. We Love Digital Marketing Academy helps you be one with its courses on Content Marketing and other SEO courses.