As Digital marketing entails a lot of interconnected processes in it, Pay Per Click Advertising is just one of the elements of it, just like other elements SEO, SEM, etc., without which marketing online would be incomplete.

What is PPC?

PPC is a part of Search Engine Marketing. It is a way of engaging traffic in a website in which an advertiser pays a publisher a certain amount when the ad is clicked. It is a more of an inorganic way of engaging visitors in a website, rather than earning the visitors organically.

Why do we need PPC?

Every business needs a space to advertise. While the internet is being used by one and all to search the everyday requisites, it gives a good platform to the advertisers to bring out their product to their customers. PPC does just that. It is a paid form of advertising, where the bidders contend for a space at the top of the search engine results page. There is a lot to learn in such form of advertising, to get the desired results and to be able to generate revenue in exchange of the amount paid for every click on the ad by a visitor. To get the best results, every campaign must be unique, organized in structure, logical and must be held after a comprehensive keyword research. The campaign does not end with topping the SERPs, a good campaigner is constantly working on it management and maintenance.

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