SEO is the basic and the most important element of Digital Marketing, without which all the other elements of the Digital marketing forum falls flat. Let’s get a better idea of what SEO is and what it does.

What is SEO?

As all the businesses have come to the digital place to promote their products and services, the search engines hold billions of web pages relating to a particular subject by millions of people from all over the world. It helps display the most relevant search result in a search engine’s page when somebody has typed something that he/she wants to see. To get down to the technical definition of it, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process which affects the visibility of a website in a major search engine’s like Google, Yahoo and Bing’s results page. SEO helps attract visitors to a website and gets action going on it.

Why do we need SEO?

80% of a website’s traffic begins right when a search query is placed. Even though the best Search Engines are on the go 24*7 to serve their visitors with the most relevant search results, it often becomes a tough task for them to keep sorting the best content all the time. Thus, SEO is needed to help make their as well as the websites task easier. The right SEO work and relevant content on the website could land a website at the top of a Search Engine’s Result page (SERP). And a somewhat bad SEO would do nothing for the website. Literally, nothing! So, SEO is a promotion tool of sorts, which is why it’s a popular form of Digital Marketing.

The different techniques of SEO:

Under the canopy of SEO lies a lot of different techniques. For one to be able to master the most effective way of ranking in an SERP, all the techniques have to be learnt and known well beforehand to implement it on a website. These techniques include:

  • On-site SEO.
  • Off-site SEO.
  • Local SEO.
  • Advanced SEO.
  • White Hat SEO.
  • Black Hat SEO and more.

How it’s working today:

Every business has to have a website, so that their customers can get quick answers to their queries. So all the businesses today either hire a professional SEO expert to manage their brand marketing techniques online or outsource such work to companies that take up full responsibility of building the brand’s presence online. There are even institutions that have come up to provide professional training on SEO techniques so that there is no shortage of Digital marketers in this digitally driven age.


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